A Shoe, a tradition

At Shoe Recrafting you can choose shoe brands that have proven their quality for decades.  From renowned producers as Ambiorix, Loake en Barrett  for example. These have been produced according to Goodyear or Blake construction method, which these top brands still wield.
Quality shoes are a combination of art, craftsmanship and precision. The say something about who you are.  They carry you resolute to your meeting, appointment, party or office. They offer comfort and define your look. Are you a shoe lover? Then we are with you in every step of this story.

Loake Shoemakers, proud English manufacturers of traditional and contemporary Goodyear welted men’s footwear since the 1880s. With an eye for detail, the company offers handmade shoes composed of natural materials. These natural materials give the shoes the best balance between the needed flexibility, water tightness and breathing capacity. The choice of the diverse materials are the key to achieving the top quality that define the Loake-shoes.  With these loake-shoes appraised on the quality of its finest details , you portray class and style.  Years of enjoyment with long-lasting shoes.

The proficiency and class of the Belgian Ambiorix-shoes have been recognized by his majesty the King for years. This recognition enables Ambiorix to strive to maintain this top quality. Since November 2009 Ambirorix carries the title of purveyor to the Belgian royal household.
As a proud Belgian shoe producer, Ambiorix pampers more than 200 000 feet every year. Erik Van Looy is the face to the Ambiorix brand and radiates the right values: craftsmanship, Belgian manufacturing and full of character. He is the brand ambassador for Ambiorix.

Barrett-shoes are the symbol for finest craftsmanship, combined with an italina feel for design and beauty since 1917. To choose the best houses of leather and to combine them into unique shoes. To set about precise craftmanship and quality leather to transform them into shoes of high quality who’s beauty can withstand test of the times. That is the mission Barret has set itself for more than 100 years.
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Visit our shoe store in Bruges and discover shoes and product made according to rich English and French traditions. As a quality seeker, you will undoubtedly find your liking. Shoe recrafting offers stylish shoes, which all shoe lover will undoubtedly fully enjoy. Discover our high-end leather goods, belts, brushes, gloves and walking canes. You can also treat yourself or your loved ones to a shoe shine box for the prefect upkeep of your shoes.