A passionate shoemaker in Bruges, Luc Decuyper

It is the three year training at Maroquinerie’ Delvaux in Brussels that gave Luc the will to explore classy and stylish leather craftsmanship.
His passion for the shoemakers craft drove him to open his own workshop and shoe shop in 1989 in the heart of Bruges. Enjoy years of expertise at the service of the true shoe lover.

Van leerling tot expert-schoenmaker- Luc decuyper

From apprentice to expert shoe craftsman.

Before taking the big step to opening his own store, Luc gained experience at famous shoe crafting houses. He learned the craft in the world of learther goods and handmade shoes. His focus lies in his inspired approach to high-end shoes made according to English tradition. It has made him an inequivalent expert in his craft. Leather goods from High quality brands complement the assortment at ShoeRecrafting. Every quality lover’s dream.

Luc raises the banner for the old craft repair techniques with his keen eye for details, refinement and respect for traditions. He specialized in the soling and resoling of shoes that have been made according to the Goodyear method. He uses the Goodyear technique to repair shoes so they have the same quality as the originals.

Luc aims to offer his clientele only the best of the best. The best shoes, the best shoe repair, the best products and leather goods. He is proud and thankful for his wide variety of customers, coming from Burges, Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. Always eager to offer the quality they are bound to expect from an expert artisans.

Enjoy leather goods and products from strong brands.

Visit our shoe store in Bruges and discover shoes and product made according to rich English and French traditions. As a quality seeker, you will undoubtedly find your liking. Shoe recrafting offers stylish shoes, which all shoe lover will undoubtedly fully enjoy. Discover our high-end leather goods, belts, brushes, gloves and walking canes. You can also treat yourself or your loved ones to a shoe shine box for the prefect upkeep of your shoes.